Is Poison Ivy Rash Contagious?

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The poison ivy containing an oily resin in its stems and saps is the cause of the poison ivy rash. If you touches the plants or items with the resin, and if the resin is on your skin for 10 to 15 minutes, it can develop into an allergic reaction. The result generally ranges from a mild red bumps to an intense reaction of swelling, blistering and oozing. See the source image      See the source image The reaction usually appears within two or three days but may occur within eight hours. Once the rash appears, the original oil has all bonded to the victim's skin, so it can't be spread to others. Moreover, the fluid in the blisters is also not allergic and will not pass the rash. The blisters are the body's natural allergic reaction to poison ivy. If the blisters break and ooze, the fluid does not contain the oils that cause poison ivy rash. Keywords: poison ivy rash; contagious
thanks thanks that is what Mine looks like.  How long before it quits spreading
The estimated duration that the rash will take to STOP spreading is roughly five to twelve days. When the rash is very severe, it may take up to 30 days.