Brain Tumor Headaches

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As a matter of fact, a headache is the most common early symptom of a brain tumor. The headache can be constant or  increasingly frequent even when you're sleeping. The pain of a brain tumor headache is typically dull, persistent, and worsens with the Valsalva maneuver.     It is important to pay attention when you start having headaches all of a sudden, at different times of the day or having different kinds of headaches.  Meanwhile, if you wake up with headaches and it is recurring, you'd better see a doctor right away.     Additionally, you should be especially worried if your headache is accompanied by other symptoms, including:
  • vision problems
  • nausea or vomiting
  • numbness in the arms or legs
  • difficulty in speaking or finding the right words
  • loss of consciousness
  • memory loss
  • mood disturbances
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I have constant headache and it's taking over my life and it's a huge problem for me to deal with.  I take 15 ibuprofen a day and it's still major.  I need some answers.  I'm 46 and am concerned about this problem
How long has it been? Have you seen a doctor? It sounds very serious. You should have tests, such as brain MRI or CT and EEG, to find out the cause. The dosage of ibuprofen is too high. It could damage your kidney and liver. See a neurologist ASAP.
You need a CT or MRI scan of your head as to get clear what the problem is. It could be brain hemorrhage, a brain tumor, or just migraine.
Get an mri and an mra