Brain Tumor Survival Rate

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The survival rates for brain tumor depends on various factors, such as the location of the tumor in the brain, the size and type of tumor, stage of the tumor and whether the patient is suffering from any other ailment.     The survial rate is expressed in the form of percentage of people who survive for five years after the daignosis of the tumor. The survival rate for children and teenagers
  • around 65%
The survival rate for people from 15 to 45
  • around 55%
The survival rates for those from 45 to 64
  • around 16%.
The survival rate for old people
  • around 5%
    The survival rate also vary with the kind of tumor. The survival rate for patients with ependymoma
  • 85%
The survival rate for patients with oligodendroglioma brain tumor
  • 81%
The survival rate for patients with Glioblastoma multiforme
  • 13%
  In principle, people who have large size tumors have lower survival rates. And people who develop tumors in the most important parts of the brain have a lower survival rate.     Keywords: brain tumor survival rate, brain tumors survival rate
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