What’s Diabetes Leg Pain and Its Remedies?

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Do you guys suffer from the diabetes leg pain? I am looking for its remedies. Any recommended diabetes leg pain treatments? It would be nice if you already used it.


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Leg pains in diabetes is more likely to develop into peripheral arterial disease (PAD). It means your arteries of legs and feet are clogged with fatty deposits, making blood blocked or hard to flow through. There are generally three diabetes leg pain remedies, including lifestyle changes, drug treatment, and surgery. You'd better ask help from your doctor about the exact treatment. Because sometimes the effect of medicines differ and the effective one for others does not necessarily works for you.   Keywords: diabetes leg pain; diabetes leg pain remedies; diabetes leg pain remedy; diabetes leg pain treatment; leg pains diabetes.   Related FAQ: http://healthtopquestions.com/?p=3155 http://healthtopquestions.com/?p=855
I have very weird leg pain and I am Diabetic.  Both my legs ache in the calves at the same time, the pain radiates to my groin area, sometime into my chest then i have a hot feeling all over.  I had test that  ruled out PAD, Vascular problems and a MRI.all ruled negative.  Finally a Neurologist ruled it Neuropathy.   He wanted to test the muscle and nerves.  I do not see a need for these test and did not go back.   Are there suggestions for my problem?  The pain is worse, not sharp pains but an ache.

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I think you should test for neuropathy, such as a nerve conduct test and an electromyogram. Moreover, you should also be tested for spinal disc herniation or spinal stenosis.
Yes I have pain in my calf