How to Treat Mild or Early Frostbite?

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Frostbite ranges from the superficial freezing of the topmost layers of skin, called frostnip, to severe frostbite that affects deeper tissues, such as muscles and bones.
  • In frostnip, the skin may feel numb or normal. It looks waxy and white, or lighter than usual. It is common on the toes, earlobes, cheeks and fingers. it may turn red when the skin is warmed after frostnip.
  • In mild frostbite, the tissue is numb and feels soft. It looks lighter than normal, or even white. Blistering can occur. The skin may be more pink or red than usual as frostbite progresses, or after the injured skin is warmed
To treat frostnip or mild frostbite, you need to gently blow air on the area or place it against a warmer area of the body. For example, place your fingers in your armpit or your palms against your ears, or place your fingers between someone else's hands. Keywords: treat mild frostbite; do you treat mild frostbite; mild frostbite; mild frostbite treatment; minor frostbite treatment; treat minor frostbite; treating mild frostbite;