Anticipatory Grief

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Anticipatory grief is a feeling of grief appearing before an impending loss. Typically, it occurs when a patient or family is expecting a death. Also, it can be triggered by some non-death-rellated losses such as a scheduled mastectomy, pending divorce, company downsizing or war. To cope with the grief, here are some suggestions for you. 1. Talk about the loss with your family members. 2. Allow feelings of grief to help you prepare. 3. Seek help and don't put your life on hold. 4. Educate yourself about what to expect. 5. create moments your family members can enjoy. If you want to help your loved ones cope with the grief, you may try the following ways. 1. Look for ways to add new activities to your loved one's life. 2. Talk to a social worker, therapist, or even a sympathetic friend and seek help. 3. Join a support group and hear how others have coped with the grief. Keywords: anticipatory grief  
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