Can You Suggest Some Eye Exercises for Presbyopia?

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Eye Exercises for Presbyopia

Presbyopia is a condition which is characterized by eyes loss of ability of seeing things clearly due to aging. Besides trying surgical or nonsurgical procedures, you can also try presbyopia eye exercises, because they can help improve vision in some cases. The followings are some suggested eye exercises for presbyopia: Squint and Look Ahead Inhale, squint and focus on your gaze on your nose. Exhale, look up and focus on a distant object. It can help strengthen ocular muscles and help focus better on objects. Rotate Eyes Rotate eyes clockwise and counterclockwise for 5-10 times, which can relax the eyes. Place Warm Palms on Your Eyes Rub palms together, and use the generated heat to relax tired eye muscles, which can protect eyes from further damage. Read Words Upside Down Flip the words upside down to try to focus on one word, then narrow the focus on each letter in that word, which can help strengthen eye muscles, correct blurred vision. Hydrotherapy Use cold and hot washcloths over each eye in an alternate fashion. Keywords: presbyopia exercises; presbyopia eye exercises; eye exercises presbyopia; exercises presbyopia