What Shoes Are Best When You Have Diabetic Neuropathy?

1 Answer

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Diabetic neuropathy can cause your feet numb and pain. When your condition gets worse, your feet may lose the sensation of cold, wetness or injury. Besides, your feet can easily get hurts because of diabetes. So you should know how to choose the best shoes to protect your feet. There are some tips for you:
  • Buy shoes made of soft leather
  • The height of heel is lower than one inch
  • Buy shoes of round toe cap
  • There is proper distance between your longest toe and the tip of shoes
  • Try on new shoes when you wear socks
Anyway, if you are diagnosed with diabetic neuropathy, it is very important for you to wear comfortable shoes. Also, you can ask your doctor for more advice.   Keywords: best shoes diabetic neuropathy; diabetic neuropathy shoes; shoes diabetic neuropathy