What Is the Normal Range of Urobilinogen in Urine?

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Urobilinogen (URO) is a product of bilirubin. Because your intestine can absorb it and the liver can convert it back into bilirubin, normally, its amounts are small. Actually, the amounts of urobilinogen can reflect the functionality of your liver. The normal range of urobilinogen in urine is below 17 umol/l, or between 0.2 mg/dL and 1.0 mg/dL. Higher amounts may indicate that your liver has some health problems, such as hepatitis, cirrhosis and hemolytic anemia. If the urobilinogen levels in your urine are abnormal, please consult with your doctor at once.   Keywords: normal range of urobilinogen in urine; urobilinogen levels; normal urobilinogen levels.