Encephalopathy with Status Epilepticus during Sleep

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What's encephalopathy with status epilepticus during sleep?

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Encephalopathy with status epilepticus during sleep (ESES) is an epileptic encephalopathy. In other words, it’s the condition in which the epileptic seizure probably contributes to the disturbance in the function of the brain. The symptoms abound. Besides seizures of different types, there are also cognitive, motor, or behavioral disturbances with an abnormal electroencephalographic (EEG) pattern during sleep, which mirrors the electrical activity in the brain. More specifically, in such case the EEG pattern consists of continuous spikes and waves during sleep (CSWS). Despite the presence of the connection between epileptic seizure and EGG abnormality, the exact mechanism is unclear.   Keywords: encephalopathy with status epilepticus during sleep; ESES.