What Is the Life Expectancy of Person with Dermatomyositis?

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The life expectancy of person with dermatomyositis depends on the stages of the disease, physical state and medical condition of the patient. According to statistics of 50 years ago, about 20% of patients with dermatomyositis developed uremia within 10 years, which is the main cause of dermatomyositis. With the development of medical technology, the probability of early diagnosis and treatment of dermatomyositis has been increasing. In the past ten years, the survival rate of patients with dermatomyositis has exceeded 85%. Many patients with dermatomyositis have a survival period of more than 20 years, or even more than 35 years. The most challenging problem in the course of treatment may be the protection of skin from sunlight and prevention of the recurrence of dermatomyositis. After getting dermatomyositis, you can still live healthily as long as you are in active treatment.   Keywords: dermatomyositis life expectancy; dermatomyositis long term prognosis; dermatomyositis prognosis.