What Is a Calcaneal Enthesophyte?

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The calcaneal enthesophyte has many names: heel enthesophyte, calcaneal spur and heel spur. It is the pointed-out bony growth to the heel bone. Heel spur is usually caused by accumulation of calcium in the area.

The most obvious symptom of calcaneal enthesophyte is pain in the heel, especially when it is accompanied with plantar fasciitis. The pain will increase after long-time standing or sitting in the same posture.

Treatments to calcaneal enthesophyte are generally related to pain killing.

  • Use ice bags to reduce pains in the heel.
  • Take anti-inflammatory medications and pain killers.
  • Exercise lightly to avoid reoccurrence of injuries in this area.
  • Use shoes inserts to raise up the heel.

Consult your doctor about how to deal with it if you have any doubts.


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