What Is The Life Expectancy of Neurosarcoidosis Patients?

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Neurosarcoidosis is a type of sarcoidosis. It will affect many parts of the body or organs especially the lung.

The symptoms will vary from person to person due to different affected parts. In this case, the prognosis will also differ in various conditions, so does the life expectancy:

  • In general, the disorder and its consequent symptoms will go away in 4-6 months. It does not cause fatality in this case. This part consists of about two thirds of neurosarcoidosis cases.
  • The rest one third cases may involve lifelong disorders or even disability. The patients have to take medications to reduce inflammations in their bodies. The medications may have bad side effects.
  • In very extreme cases, the side effects of those medications may cause deaths.

Neurosarcoidosis is a very complicated and tricky condition. You should consult your doctors for details before taking medications.


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