What Are Vertebral Hemangiomas?

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Vertebral hemangiomas are a subtype of primary intraosseous hemangiomas, which are hemangiomas (tumors that develop from blood vessels) seen mostly in the vertebrae or skull. As for vertebral hemangiomas, they are the hemangiomas in the thoracic spine, and occasionally, throughout the spine. They are the most common benign vertebral tumors. Most of them cause no symptoms. However, sometimes the patient feels pain when exercising or doing housework. What’s more, symptoms such as fatigue and stress often occur in the patient’s forties. Due to unclear reason, they’re slightly more prevalent in females. In order to diagnose, doctors usually order CT, MRI or other advanced imaging tests, since small hemangiomas are hard to visualize via routine radiographs. You don’t have to worry if you get these tumors, as they’re benign. And thus, the treatment is often not necessary. In addition, you can get radiotherapy, balloon kyphoplasty, or trans arterial embolization with associated laminectomy to ease the symptoms.   Keywords: vertebral hemangioma.