What Is Mitral Valve Prolapse Regurgitation?

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Mitral valve prolapse regurgitation is leakage of blood backward through the mitral valve each time the left ventricle contracts. When your heart pumps blood, it’s supposed to follow along a specific path in one direction. But sometimes, it goes the wrong way. “Mitral valve prolapse regurgitation” is the name for one of those times when your blood isn’t going where it should. With this condition, some of it leaks backward instead of flowing out to the rest of your body. You may feel tired and out of breath if you have it. You may also have higher blood pressure and a buildup of fluid in your lungs. A doctor can figure out whether you have a mild case and might not even need treatment, or a more serious situation that will need medication or surgery.   Keywords: mitral valve prolapse regurgitation.
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