What Is Microscopic Hematuria?

2 Answers

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Microscopic hematuria is an biological indicator for diagnosis of some diseases. Microscopic hematuria refers to red cells in the urine that can be seen only with the help of a microscope. The blood cells may come from the following parts:
  • Kidney that produces urine;
  • Ureter that transports urine from kidney to the bladder;
  • Bladder where the urine is stored;
  • Urethra that emits the urine out of the body.
Microscopic hematuria may be resulted from the following conditions:
  • Infections in the kidney or the bladder;
  • A stone in the kidney or the bladder;
  • Enlargement of kidney filtering system or prostate;
  • A tumor (even cancer) in the kidney, bladder or prostate;
  • Taking certain medications like aspirin;
  • Kidney damages due to excessive exercises or accidents.
Talk to your doctor if you have obvious signs of microscopic hematuria. They may ask you to take more tests to diagnose. Key words: microscopic hematuria; causes; diseases.

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