How to Define Osteophytosis?

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Osteophytosis is the medical term for bone spur, also known as bone hyperplasia. After the cartilage is destroyed, a new bone is produced due to hyperplasia of perichondrium. Osteophytes are formed after the new bone is ossified. This is a compensatory response in the pathological process of osteoarthritis. Osteophytes usually exist simultaneously around the ends of the bone. However, when the hyperplastic osteophytes are projected onto a flat X-ray film, the Osteophytes may only appear as a thick, thorn-like shape with a wide base and a thin tip. Osteophytosis easily occurs in the elderly. However, due to changes in work patterns, many people must sit for a long time and stand for a long time. However, the incorrect posture is easy to cause the spine to degenerate early at the young age, thus inducing the occurrence of osteophytosis. Key words: osteophytosis; osteophytes.