What Is Warthin’s Tumor?

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Warthin’s tumor always grows in person’s salivary glands. This type of tumor is benign, painless and develops very slowly. Although some benign tumor will develop into cancerous cells, it is very rarely with Warthin’s tumor. The scientists still don’t find out the exact cause of Warthin’s tumor. Most of the patients are cigarette smokers. In addition to smoking, age seems to have connection with the development of Warthin’s tumor. People who are older than 60 years old are more likely to develop this type to tumor. The treatment will be different according to the speed of the growth and the degree of the pain. Usually, patients are treated by removing surgically. However, in some cases, part of parotid gland will be removed as well in order to prevent the return. Keywords: Warthin’s tumor; parotid gland; salivary glands.