What Is the Definition of Osteophytosis?

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Osteophytosis is a type of defense reaction to protect the body from disorders. Osteophytosis is the occurrence of the formation and presence of bone spurs or osteophytes. Another name for an osteophytosis is called a bone spur. It will cause joint pain, discomfort and a loss of cushioning and support because of the breaking down of cartilage at the end of the bones. Usually, it is difficult to tell the difference between symptoms caused by osteoarthritis and those caused by osteophytes. The clinician can’t diagnose osteophytes directly because many of these bony projections are asymptomatic. Patients go to see the doctor after pain developing or worsening. X-ray is one of the methods to help osteophytes get detected. Remember to make an appointment with your doctor before the pain develops. Keywords: osteophytosis; bone spur.