Achilles Insertional Calcific Tendinosis: Symptoms and Treatments

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Achilles insertional calcific tendinosis is a disorder characterized by the presence of a calcified mass in the distal Achilles tendon at its insertion site onto the posterior calcaneus. Symptoms It can cause posterior heel pain in both active and sedentary patients, and can be aggravated by activities and footwears. Localized erythema edema can be present along with inflamed retrocalcaneal bursal sac. Certain types of footwear can be problematic, such as ice hockey skates or ski boots, dress shoes with a stiff heel counter, etc. Treatments Conservative treatments of this condition include rest, avoiding impact or jumping activities, injection therapy with a local anesthetic, topical nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory medications, eccentric exercises, etc. For some severe cases of this condition, you may consider excision of the calcification or repair of the Achilles tendon with flexor tendon transfer for augmentation. Keywords: Achilles insertional calcific tendinosis; conservative treatments Achilles insertional calcific tendinosis.
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