What Is Uncinate Hypertrophy?

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Uncinate hypertrophy is normally an arthritic growth of bone on the spinal column. It happens when joints in the neck and spine become larger than normal. In other words, it means that an unusually large number of bone spurs grows in these joints. Sometimes the enlargement of uncinate hypertrophy may compress nerves. It may result in inconvenience in life. So, patients with the condition should pay attention to this. Some factors may lead to hypertrophy, such as biological factors and nutrition. Hypertrophy are easier to happen in males at puberty. If people have uncinate hypertrophy, they should go to hospital. Everyone’s conditions vary, so the treatments are different. Usually your doctor will suggest conservative methods firstly. Narrowing of spine may result in severe health problems. Keyword: uncinate hypertrophy.
I was diagnosed with multilevel foraminal encroachment due to uncinate hypertrophy
Canal narrowing is seen at C234567
What are your symptoms now? You condition may cause impingement of the corresponding parts of the spinal cord and the nerve derived from it. This can predominantly result in abnormal feelings or movement of neck, shoulder and arms. You need to see a physical therapist for long-term rehabilitation.