What is Phyllodes Tumor?

1 Answer

A phyllodes tumor is a very rare tumor of the breast, accounting for less than 1%. It can be also called phylloides tumor and cystosarcoma phyllodes. Phyllodes tumors grow very fast, while because most phyllodes tumors aren’t cancerous. They only occur in the breast and rarely spread outside the breast. However, there is a condition that phyllodes tumors are between benign and cancerous, which are called borderline. The exact cause of pyllodes tumors is still unknown. But the causes that help the tumor grow faster include:
  • Injury
  • Breastfeeding
  • Pregnancy
  • Increased levels of estrogen, a female hormone
The first symptom is that a lump appears under your skin. Because of it, the skin over your breast may turn red and feel warm. When the tumors grow big enough, you can even see it under your skin. It can also cause pain to you. Although phyllodes tumors aren’t cancerous, they have the possibility of return after treatment. So after treatment, always keep in touch with your doctor for follow-ups. Keywords: phyllodes tumor; a tumor of the breast.
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