What Is Signet Ring Cell Carcinoma?

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Signet ring cell carcinoma (SRCC) is a rare form of highly malignant adenocarcinoma that produces mucin. It is an epithelial malignancy characterized by the histologic appearance of signet ring cells. Primary SRCC is most often found in the glandular cells of the stomach, and less frequently in the breast, gallbladder, urinary bladder, and pancreas. Several common signet ring cell carcinomas are listed below: SRCC of stomach SRCC of stomach is a special type of gastric cancer that contains a lot of mucus. It occurs more often in women and younger patients. SRCC of bladder Primary SRCC of the urinary bladder is extremely rare. It occurs mainly in men ages 38 to 83. Patients have poor survival from the disease. SRCC of colon and rectrum Primary SRCC of the colon and rectum is rare, with a reported incidence of less than 1 percent. It has a poor prognosis because symptoms often develop late and it is usually diagnosed at an advanced stage. You can consult your doctor for more detailed information of this disease. Key words: signet ring cell carcinoma; SRCC.