What Are Differences between Lichen Planus and Lichen Sclerosus?

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Lichen planus (LP) is a chronic inflammatory and immune mediated disease. It commonly affects oral mucosa, skin, genital mucosa, scalp and nails. Middle-aged adults are more likely to suffer from this disease. It is mainly characterized by:
  • polygonal,
  • flat-topped,
  • violaceous papules and plaques with overlying, reticulated, fine white scale.
In most cases, the cause of lichen planus can't be found, but it is thought to be related to an over-reaction in the skin's defense/immune system. Lichen sclerosus (LS) is a skin disease and commonly appears as whitish patches on the genitals. LS may affect any body part of any person but has a strong preference for the genitals. Lichen sclerosus is not contagious. LS in adult age is normally incurable. Though the condition may be improvable with treatment, patients often get progressively worse. Both men women have same symptoms, such as:
  • white patches on the LS body area,
  • itching,
  • pain,
  • easier bruising,
  • cracking, tearing and peeling, and
  • hyperkeratosis.
For specific explanations of these two diseases, you can consult your doctor for more detailed information. Key words: lichen planus; lichen sclerosus.
Lichen Planus is usually a rash on the skin. Lichen Sclerosus is on the genitals.
Teresa I was a dental assistant for 18 years. We never saw anyone with this in there mouth. Mostly I have crowns and a bridge but it's been there for 30 years. It's hard for me to think that's what caused this after all these years. I am going to Houston to the ENT that I have seen before. I need to get my throat looked at and he's the Assistant Head Professor at Memorial Herman.I go later this month and we will see what he thinks. God Bless You and all the others out there with this. I am praying for us all
Mickie, I'd read about what amaglim and mercury does to humans, and they were and maybe some still do is fill cavities with mercury.. I hope your doctors visit goes well, do have yourself a good evening.
Read second Corinthians chapter 12
Ok, I read it, now what?
I read it also and I'm not sure I get it .. Please tell what you think it should be telling us. I'm going to MD Anderson later this month. The ENT has sent me to a particular Dr. It's suppose to be the best of the best ..I've had these ulcers and lesions so long I'm so worried about oral cancer.. I'm praying it will be ok..I've used so many different meds and creams and nothing works for me.. Will check back when I get there.  They said expect to be there 2-5 days and I'm ready to tackle it head on. With God anything is possible.
For me, it first came in Fall 2016, starting with the mouth, progressing to scalp, torso, and worst of all, genital area.  Purple spots, itchy and painful, general rash all over torso.  Worst were itchy open lesions on genital area. Best thing for the mouth and skin was coconut oil. Also took zinc and l-lysine, as someone else mentioned, Vit B, and probiotics. Pretty much went away by Spring 2017, except occasional bouts of minor rash, depending on stress level and diet. Lots of greens are best.
Coconut oil made the yeast grow so fast in 2-3 days my mouth was white. I've taken lysine tablets years ago because I would get a fever blister. Since this has been in my mouth I've not had one and not one Dr can tell me why. I don't sneeze anymore and before it was a constant thing because of sinus problems ..I take acylivir for ulcers on my eyes but it doesn't help the ones in my mouth
I am checking out all this information for a friend who has it orally. I use alternative medicine because so many meds cause these type of problems. She had implants done years ago and got oral thrush which turned into a lichen planus. From what I can see we need to oxygenate, bring increased blood flow, fight inflammation,bacteria, fungi and build her immune system. I know young living essential oils will support all this. I have chosen this for any issues I ever have in my life.I have many powerful testimonies.
 If anyone wants any help I would love to assist you in your wellness journey. I can be reached at my website
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Went to MDAnderson and there is nothing they can do to help. I was so disappointed it just made me sick. If it wasn't for the mouth rinse I us I would never be able to brush my teeth very well  I go to a pain management Dr and the med cuts down on the burning. I've never taken any pain med on a regular basis but it sure helps.Now I just pray that God will intervene and take this away from all of us who are suffering from this. God bless you all!!
If you all did not follow proper iabdm mercury safe protocals that means you slowly bio-accumulated Mercury gas over the years. If it is out of the mouth is a Hazardous material, they close down schools for small spills, but in magic dental land once you all place it in people mouths it miraculously becomes safe. What brainwashed BS.  I manifested Oral lichen planus two months after I was lied to and were told they were "Silver" amalgams not 50-55% toxic MERCURY!  I got them out and the LP cleared up totally.  Ewww MAGIC.  Get an essential elements test to see how much is in your system. And don't listen to your "Dentist" who would be admitting culpability if he admits he and his "practice" was the cause.  Just like the ADA he will never admit to the truth...
I just got this every 4 hr. miracle mouthwash which the dentist prescribed and the pharmacy mixed.  It contains lidocaine, benadryl, and maalox, and is a beautiful orange liquid. I gargle 1 tablespoon before bed after flossing and brushing, and gargle again when I get up at night.  I so love it.
Donna, oh please don't stop there, I could use something like that. My mouth is so sore and swollen. Could you post the amount of ingredients of each of the medications? It would be so helpful.
Unfortunately you can't make the entire recipe yourself because the Lidocaine is prescription only.
My pharmacist mixes mine too.  They call it magic mouthwash.  Ask your pharmacist, then tell your doctor.  It works great.