How Is the Recovery After an MVD Surgery?

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MVD is the abridgement for microvascular decompression. It is conducted to treat trigeminal neuralgia when the trigeminal nerve is compressed by an artery or a vein. During the procedure, a small hole will be cut on the skull to treat with the root. In this case, MVD is very dangerous. After the surgery, it will take a few days for the patients in hospital or even in the ICU for observation. The side effects of the surgery may include high temperature, nausea, or headache. After that, the patients can leave the hospital with discharge instructions including:
  • Take some medicine to deal with the headache under the doctor's advice.
  • Avoid dangerous behaviors like driving, lifting heavy things or doing heavy exercises.
  • Gradually return to normal life and do light jobs and exercises.
  • Be careful when bathing.
Keep in touch with your doctor if you have any questions about your recovery progress after the surgery. Key words: MVD; recovery; trigeminal neuralgia.