What is puerperal psychosis?

1 Answer

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The puerperal psychosis is also called the postpartum psychosis. This psychosis is rare and often happens on mothers after delivery. This is very dangerous for mothers will hear voices or see images that do not actually exist. They will feel anxiety, fear or even thoughts of harming themselves. When the new mothers have the following signs, they may under the mental sufferings:
  • Feeling excited or in high mood;
  • Difficulty in sleeping besides the interrupted sleep by the new baby;
  • Auditory hallucinations;
  • Abnormal behaviors compared with those before the delivery;
  • Quick mind swings;
  • Losing sensations to place and time;
  • Violent and self-suicidal thoughts;
  • Changes in appetite;
  • Inability to bond with her baby.
Since the new mothers cannot tell if they are having the psychosis, their husbands or relatives should observe their actions and tell the doctor if the signs appear. Contact the doctor to know more about the postpartum psychosis. Key words: puerperal psychosis; postpartum psychosis; symptoms.