Treatments of urethral caruncles

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Urethral caruncle is a soft, fleshy protrusion of the urethral lining from the urethral opening. It is a common urethra disease and usually occurs in elderly women. Urethral caruncles appear red and can be in various sizes and can also have the appearance of a tumor. Urethral caruncles can lower estrogen levels and cause chronic hematuria and urethritis. Treatments of urethral caruncle may include:
  • Conservative treatments 1. Warm sitz baths. 2. Topical estrogen cream and topical anti-inflammatory drugs.
  • Surgical excision. For patients whose conservative treatments are ineffective or caruncles are large, doctors may advise taking a surgery.
Outcomes after treatments are most often very good. In some cases, urethral caruncle can grow back. Consult your doctors for details. Keywords: urethral caruncles; treatments of urethral caruncles.