What Is the Life Expectancy of Chondrosarcoma?

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Chondrosarcoma is a rare type of bone cancer derived from the cells that make cartilage, which typically affects pelvis, hip and shoulder of body. Patients may feel a boney bump, and experience pain, swelling, or limited movement as disease progresses. Life Expectancy Chondrosarcoma is graded in three categories, and the life expectancy depends on the disease's grades.
  • For patients with chondrosarcoma in grade 1, namely the lower-grade, the life expectancy is around 90% 5 years after diagnosis;
  • The life expectancy for the grade 2 tumors ranges between 60% and 80% 5 years after diagnosis.
  • If the patients are in the 3rd grade, namely the serious and aggressive stage, the survival rate is 10% 1 year after diagnosis.
It is hard to prevent the growth of cancer cells of chondrosarcoma due to its unknown etiology. So, with regarding to its treatments, the preferred therapy is surgical removal of the tumor. Anyway, doctors would provide individualized treatment options according to the cancer stage, tumor's location and size, as well as patients' condition. If have any further questions, please contact your doctor. Key words: Chondrosarcoma; life expectancy; cartilage; boney bump.