What are symptoms and treatment of PANDA syndrome?

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PANDAS is a recently described disorder. After a person develops a variety of physical and behavioral manifestations following a scarlet fever or strep throat infection, PANDAS Syndrome is clinically diagnosed. PANDAS is a rare condition. Symptoms The symptoms of PANDAS start suddenly, about four to six weeks after a strep infection. Symptoms worsen and reach their peak usually within two to three days. Psychological symptoms may include:
  • obsessive, compulsive, and repetitive behaviors
  • separation anxiety, fear, and panic attacks
  • incessant screaming, irritability, and frequent mood changes
  • emotional and developmental regression
  • visual or auditory hallucinations
  • depression and suicidal thoughts
Physical symptoms may include:
  • tics and unusual movements
  • sensitivities to light, sound, and touch
  • deterioration of small motor skills or poor handwriting
  • hyperactivity or an inability to focus
  • memory problems
  • trouble sleeping
  • refusing to eat, which can lead to weight loss
  • joint pain
  • frequent urination and bedwetting
Children with PANDAS don't always have all of these symptoms. However,they generally have a mix of several physical and psychiatric symptoms. Treatment Treating PANDAS involves addressing both the physical and psychiatric symptoms. Psychiatric symptoms may start to improve with antibiotics. OCD and other psychiatric symptoms are generally treated with cognitive behavioral therapy. Keywords:PANDA syndrome;children;physical and psychiatric