How Many Treatments Available for Coronary Heart Disease?

1 Answer

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Generally speaking, you can treat it from the perspective of lifestyle changes, medicine, and procedures. Lifestyle changes Healthy habits always come first no matter what the cancer is. For example, you can: avoid the smoking inside and outside, eat in a balanced and healthy way, add exercise into your daily to-do-list and always be positive towards life. Medicines These medicines may show in your medication bills:
  • Nitroglycerin for angina;
  • Statin for lowering cholesterol;
  • ACE inhibitors and beta-blockers for lowering blood pressure;
  • Aspirin for blood clots prevention.
Procedures To be honest, procedures are supposed to be mentioned in your doctor’s office. Keywords: coronary artery disease treatment; coronary artery disease treatments; coronary heart disease treatment; coronary heart disease treatments; treat coronary artery disease; treatment coronary artery disease; treatment coronary heart disease; treatments coronary artery disease; treatments coronary heart disease; coronary heart disease treatment options.   Related FAQ: