Does Blood Type Affect the Risk of Developing RHD?

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Q: What does RHD negative mean? Does blood type affect the risk of developing RHD? A: There are for main types of blood, A, B, AB and O, which is determined by the genes. The blood type is based on the antigens lying on the surface of red blood cells in the blood. The presence of the RHD antigen in red blood cells makes the blood type RHD positive. The blood type is RHD negative if it is absent. Altogether, there are eight blood types, including:
  • A RhD positive (A+)
  • A RhD negative (A-)
  • B RhD positive (B+)
  • B RhD negative (B-)
  • O RhD positive (O+)
  • O RhD negative (O-)
  • AB RhD positive (AB+)
  • AB RhD negative (AB-)
In medical emergencies, O RHD negative blood (O-) is mostly used when the blood type of the recipients isn’t known at once.   Keywords: rhd negative blood; rhd negative blood type   Related FAQs: