Is Congenital Heart Disease Hereditary?

1 Answer

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Q: Is genetic factor one of the causes of congenital heart disease? Is it hereditary? A: The cause of congenital heart disease may be genetic. Problems with chromosomes that result in genetic syndromes, such as Down syndrome, often result in a higher incidence of infant heart malformations. Among infants with genetic abnormalities, around 30% will have a heart defect. There are a number of chromosome abnormalities associated with congenital heart defects. Therefore, it’s believed that congenital heart disease can be hereditary. If you have delivered a baby with congenital heart defects, it is very likely that you will give birth to another baby born with congenital defects. A: If you have congenital heart disease, it is recommended that you should not give birth to babies. It is very likely that your baby will have congenital heart defects. After all, genetic factor is important.   Keywords: congenital heart disease hereditary     Related FAQ: