How Are the Heart Valves Damaged in RHD?

2 Answers

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Q: How are the heart valves damaged in RHD? A: Rheumatic heart disease refers to a condition in which acute and chronic heart disorder occur. The disease is progressed from rheumatic fever. One of the most common result of rheumatic fever is the heart valve damage, especially the mitral valve. The cause of the heart valve damage is the inflammation caused by rheumatic fever. The inflammation does harm to each part of the heart, including the heart valve that is mentioned above, the pericardium and the endocardium.   Keywords: heart valve rheumatic fever; mitral valve rheumatic heart disease; rheumatic fever heart valve; rheumatic fever heart valves; rheumatic heart disease valves; rheumatic heart valve; rheumatic heart valve disease; rheumatic valvular heart disease     Related FAQs:
Is it safe to fly with untreated leaky heart valves?
It depends on the severity of your illness. It's OK to fly with mild heart valve leakages. Consult your doctor for details.