What’s New in Thyroid Cancer Treatment?

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What’s the new treatment for thyroid cancer?

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Doctors and researchers are working to find new treatments for thyroid cancer in clinical trials. Radiolabeled antibodies made in a laboratory that are attached to a radioactive substance are being tested for medullary thyroid cancer. Researchers are studying the drugs vandetanib and cabozantinib for people with medullary thyroid cancer, including children with advanced hereditary medullary thyroid cancer. To treat anaplastic thyroid cancer, researchers are studying combination chemotherapy with an experimental drug, combretastatin A4 phosphate. Dabrafenib (Tafinlar) and trametinib (Mekinist) are used in clinical trials for patients whose thyroid tumors show a genetic mutation.   Keywords: new treatments thyroid cancer     Related FAQs: http://healthtopquestions.com/?p=5244   http://healthtopquestions.com/?p=5249   http://healthtopquestions.com/?p=5286