What Is Pernicious Anemia?

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When your body can’t make enough healthy red blood cells because it lacks vitamin B-12, you have pernicious anemia (PA). A long time ago, this disorder was believed to be fatal. These days it’s easily treated with B-12 pills or shots. With treatment, you’ll be able to live without symptoms. Your body needs plenty of healthy red blood cells. These are what carry oxygen to every part of your body. Without them, your tissues and organs don’t work like they should. Vitamin B-12 is a crucial part of this process. If your body doesn’t absorb enough from the food you eat, your red blood cells will be too big to travel well through your body. Because of this, your body will make less of them. And the cells that are made will die off sooner than they should. The reason this happens is often due to the lack of a stomach protein called “intrinsic factor” (IF). Your body can’t absorb vitamin B-12 without it. Some health issues make you more likely to have PA. These include: Autoimmune diseases, such as type 1 diabetes Crohn’s disease Having part or all of your stomach or intestine taken out HIV Some medicines, like antacids or drugs that treat type 2 diabetes, can make it harder for your body to absorb enough B-12. A strict vegetarian diet puts you at risk for PA too, since you won’t be eating foods that are rich in B-12 like eggs, milk, and poultry. Also, if someone else in your family has PA, your risk of having it goes up as well.
With pernicious anemia is your iron really low and does rust looking stains just appear in the palm of your hands. This happens to me quite frequently.
Pernicious Anaemia is an Autoimmune Disease. Autoimmune Diseases are characterised by the body somehow attempting to destroy itself. In the case of Pernicious Anaemia, the body produces an antibody that attacks the protein responsible for extracting vitamin B12 from food (any animal product).
Therefore, it is not iron deficiency.
Thank you because I eat plenty of meats eggs and dairy and my body B12 LEVELS were 150 normal range is 200-950.  I've has multiple surgeries loosing almost all my intestine I have a whopping 7 feet left.  The doctor diagnosed  me with pernicious anemia and gave me B12 shots and drops.  I was having symptoms of a stroke and tired.  They didn't check my b12 level at first. Most labs looked great but I was getting more pale weaker went from 135lbs to 118.  They ran more labs and the lab contacted the doctor by phone that my b12 was in danger levels.  Now I'm on the right tract.  
I'm glad you let them know it's not iron defecincey but a B12 which can be fatal defecincey.
You have risks for vitamin b12 deficiency. The vitamin b12 is absorbed in the small intestine, which is very short due to surgeries in your case. Thus vitamin b12  can not be absorbed. Once this diagnosis is made, treatment is simply injecting vitamin b12 shots.
So kind of you to help!  She clearly was in need of your comment.