Which Exercise Is the Best for the PAD?

1 Answer

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Exercise and regular physical activity are part of the foundation for treating PAD. The typical exercise routine might include walking either outdoors or on a treadmill. If you have symptoms of PAD brought on by exercise, you simply walk until your pain stops you. You then take a break to allow the pain to subside and begin to walk again. There is no strict time limit on the length of these intervals. The length of your workout should be based on how you feel and the pain or discomfort you experience. You might repeat this five, ten or even fifteen times during your workout. While this type of training can be painful, the goal is to both improve your fitness, improve your tolerance to the discomfort and decrease your risk factors for PAD such as high blood pressure and cholesterol, both of which exercise may help. The similarities between PAD and coronary artery disease (CAD) are numerous. So it stands to reason that same exercise recommendations for CAD can also benefit PAD and its causes. In the case of PAD a little exercise can go a long way at improving your quality of life and decreasing its symptoms.