What Are Bacterial Infections?

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A bacterial infection, means there is a proliferation of harmful bacteria on or inside the body. Bacteria can infect any area of you body, making lots of illnesses such as pneumonia, meningitis, and food poisoning.

In general, we may meet the bacterial infection and viral infection, the general main two types. Bacterial and viral infections have many things in common.

  • Coughing and sneezing.
  • Contact with infected people, especially through kissing and sex.
  • Contact with contaminated surfaces, food, and water.
  • Contact with infected creatures, including pets, livestock, and insects such as fleas and ticks.

Examples of bacterial infections include whooping cough, strep throat, ear infection and urinary tract infection (UTI). Viral infections include the common cold, flu, most coughs and bronchitis, chickenpox and HIV/AIDS. These two types show in similar symptoms and you may need a sample of urine, stool and blood for a ‘culture’ test to get the accurate diagnosis.

To get the infection, the bacteria may gain into your body with the following routes: Cuts Contaminated food or water Close contact with an infected person Contact with the faces of an infected person Breathing in the exhaled droplets when an infected person coughs or sneezes Indirectly, by touching contaminated surfaces – such as taps, toilet handles, toys and nappies.  

I have a bacterial infection in my big toe. I am soaking it with vinegar and water as told by my doctor. Is it contagious?
Applying vinegar and water probably does not work. The infection may spread to sites where there the skin is not intact. Using antibiotics to the big toe may work more efficiently.
Which antibiotic
Hello Diane. I got an ugly toenail fungus. Soon my right leg swelled up like a balloon. I could press my finger into the swollen part and it would leave a dent for a few minutes. this calmed down and about five months later I got pneumonia in one lung. That healed. Within two months my leg ballooned up again but this time little pimple like sores appeard and within a couple days two of them erupted into large crater like open sores. I got to the emergency room. They ran every test they could. I thought all these months that I had developed over active thyroid problems because my sister and mother have under active thyroids in all the reading I did kept showing symptoms that were identical to mine
 So it was determined that I had a bad bacterial infection that had been roaming around in my body for Months. The antibiotics knocked it out but the deformed toenails are still partially there. I have used every thing from the tree oil to vinegar to Clorox to try to get rid of those weird fungus creatures
 Two of them grew around the end of the toe. When I took my clippers to clip the top raised portion of the deformed nail it hurt as if they were nerves in the lump
 It was raised up about one eighth of an inch and had started to grow out
 The new
Normal nail was clearly visible. Very creepy. Thank God that is over. I hope
Jesus, that's scary. I also have a toe with fungi infection. How does the fungi turn to a bacterial infection? I didn't quite get it. I'm worried, am I getting pneumonia too since I'm also having a fungi toe?
Fungal infections could not turn into bacterial infections...it might be a false diagnosis or both infections were present.
Kim, I have two fungi toenails for many years that I've tried really hard but can't get rid of, I've never had penumonia. I guess pneumonia doesn't just occur to everyone with ugly fungi toenails.
Keflex 500 mg.
Keflex is an antibiotics fighting bacteria, not fungi.
Wash/soak feet in Hibiclens and liberally message Monistat vaginal yeast infection cream on the toenail and feet after soaking them in real warm water. This may help. Good luck blessings to you.
No but can you get it from sex
Yes. Bacterial infections from sex is very commonly, and they are specifically termed “sexually transmitted disease”
I feel your pain. this is what I've come up with- pretty sure it's some kind of mutant version of the dermatophyte that causes ringworm,that probably had sex with a morgellon. Whatever you do don't mess with it because it can make a actual bug mark on your skin if you do
It feeds on dry skin and scar tissue.
I know this is obvious but drink lots and lots of water and shots of apple cider vinegar.
Dr. Bronner's hemp eucalyptus pure Castile soap is amazing, rinse with cold water after and then tea tree oil, then Curel hydratherapy lotion breaks the ceramide barrier, and but that's what you need.
I know you said yours is gone hopefully
but if that can help save anyone from the hell that I went through

It's some really freaky stuff
Hi Anonymous, first off I would like to tell you that you are not alone in this strange issue of things that seem to be connected in illnesses.... And the doctor may have told you that you are delusional.. that is what they tell me so I am very Leary of getting treatment from a physician... I have been to the doctor and amazingly enough they found a urinary tract infection only after they obtained a chest x-ray, so how does that happen not just once but twice.... Anyway I really heavily on homeopathic remedies to treat or in my particular case keeping things at Bay while getting rid of some things along the way... I have had the same bail,/toenail fungus that I have discovered as of late... What I have found to work is doing a lime juice soak that's 1gsllon per whole fresh lime squeezed in you can throw in the whole lime as well... If you like you may add some Epsom salt as well soak do a "mini manicure" (on yourself) because I'm not sure if contagious risk... Then when you are done with that take a q-tip and apply hydrogen peroxide to the areas that were discolored, you will need to do this for several days and when the peroxide no longer bubbles on your finger nails and cuticles it should be gone .. as well as the ridges that have been becoming more prominent.. also I used a small amount of the nicotine mixed with the peroxide, the nicotine I purchased from the e-cig store... As I think it is more parasitical than anything... But I am not a doctor and that is just me and my opinion ... I used maybe 10 drops per ounce of peroxide... I also used it for a oral cleanse only applying small amounts with a q-tip ...
 So hope this helps