Is Pancreatic Cancer Painful?

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Unfortunately, the answer is yes. A vague mid-abdominal pain is often one of the first symptoms of pancreatic cancer. Usually, over time, the pain may move or radiate to the back area and cause back pain. Patients of advanced pancreatic cancer may experience breakthrough pains. Pain can have profound negative influence on the physical and psychological conditions of patients. Inadequate treatment of pain may lead to unnecessary anxiety and even depression. The good news is that there are many pain-control methods patients can take. Patients can take strong pain mediacations such as opioids or to use a celiac plexus block. Keywords: pancreatic cancer pain.
what's the treatment where they place pellet type treatment directly into the affective area of the cancer? I have read that it has been fairly successfully on pancreatic cancer and less invasive for the patient.
It is a type of radiation therapy. Typically, radiation therapy comes in one of two forms: external beam radiation (radiation beams are delivered from outside the patient’s body using a machine) and internal radiation (a radioactive seed or pellet is implanted directly in the tumor. This is less invasive and can be successfully performed.
Chemo is 99% unsuccessful cause it doesn’t work and doctors  make commissions using this treatment it’s messed up and this type of thing only happens in america