Is Infiltrating Ductal Carcinoma Survival Rate High or Low?

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Infiltrating ductal carcinoma is by far the most common breast cancer type, and represents about 78% of all cases. The term ‘infiltrating’ vs. ‘invasive’ is somewhat related to the cancer stage; if the ductal carcinoma is infiltrating the duct wall, then it will usually be termed ‘infiltrating’. However, if the cancer cells are found beyond the duct wall and are starting to ‘invade’ the surrounding tissue, then it will be termed ‘invasive’ ductal carcinoma. Obviously, an invasive ductal carcinoma suggests a more serious situation and the survival rates will most likely be slightly lower. The 5 year survival rate for invasive ductal carcinoma was estimated at around 88% (1993 to 2003). However, a more recent Korean study carried out between 1994 and 2010 puts the overall 5 year survival rate at 94.9%. Tumor size is a really important prognostic factor and can really make a difference. Breast tumors larger than 5cms had a 50 to 60% survival rate over 20 years. Compare this with those who had a tumor of less than 1cm who have a 93 to 98% overall survival rate at 20 years. Keyword: infiltrating ductal carcinoma survival rate
Already had surgery and 37 rounds of radiation. for Stage one for moderately indifferentiated ductal carcinoma.  Supposedly caused by progesterone and estrogen.  What are my chances for reoccurrence.  Should I be taking Tamoxafin?
If ER positive (estrogen receptor positive) or PR positive (progesterone receptor positive), you are suggested to take tamoxifen for 5 years to decrease the risk of relapse and metastasis.
Survival rate can’t be evaluated only by tumor histopathology type, it’s determined by TNM clinical type and personal health condition. Breast invasive ductal cancer is the most common type breast cancer. Usually if the tumor size is small, no LN metastasis and no distant metastasis, the prognosis is better.