which is the best doctor/specialist to seek for treatment ? (orthopedist)

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An Orthopedist is trained for the disease Sciatic Nerve Pain. I don't know where you live, the best orthopedics is U.S. is Hospital for Special Surgery N.Y., for adults.
How do I get over dizzy for a long time
You need to see a doctor to find out the cause of your dizziness. There are so many causes for dizziness that I simply cannot write down the corresponding treatments.
Do you get dizzy from standing up?
I live close to Porterville,Ca.93257

I'm 67 yrs old & have suffered for many yrs from a serious car accident in 2006 & was put on Disability. But from a croak in the S.S.I.dept.She forge my name & sign me up for Disability S.S.I. My check went from 1,400.00 to $845.

Down to $645 now. This Lady got investigated & was getting check as me & just sending part of my disability check.Mrs.Shears was a co- worker to my Ex-Father-in law

& when I divorced His Son for Mental & Physical Abuse & having sex with 7 other women while I was taking care of my Dad in the V.A. Hospital & Molesting my Daughter he didnt go to Prison. But I got the House we built together & Dwight had to pay all court cost & pay for alimony & my new car off.I also got 1/2 of his retirement & shares we had together & He talked my daughter into moving in with Him after buying her a Jeep & giving her credit cards for gas & Master Cards for spending. I was in a critical accident in 2006 & got a Settlement but it never was enough for the pain I suffer now.The money is gone & I'm still can't get around because of this sciatic nerve pain in my lower back hurts like a knife is in my lower spine til it heals after 3or4 weeks.I was a active

Lady taking care of my garden,flowers & fruit trees & my husband is gone at night. I need help getting up & going to bathroom & shower.The pain is excusitating with pain down my legs in my calves & my feet hurt on the bottom of feet all the time. I NEED YOUR HELP TODAY.