Yes can I have horseness, a lot of hacking?

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In bronchitis or pneumonia.

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Honestly I don't get what a hacking cough is, but I somehow sense it's a hard and painful cough.
That's right, hacking means the cough is hard and painful, the cough makes your chest wall in pain.
Oh, I guess I never had such a cough. I mean I tended to cough all the time but pain, no.
Yes, you can.

First, when you're having a hacking cough, it means you're with an infection, the infection can make your voice sound hoarse.

Second, when you cough hard a lot, your vocal cord can be stressed, making the voice hoarse.

The first one, you'll need to get anti-infection treatment.

The second one, you will recover by rest and drinking water.
To find the causes and relief ur symptom might be the most important thing now.
I am not sure about your situation. Bronchitis and pneumonia may have similar symptom. Normally, pneumonia is more serious than bronchitis, with fever, chest pain, Patchy shadow in the lungs. If you have consistent symptom, you should see a doctor.