How to increase blood pressure?

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These messages are for mutual support and information sharing only. Always consult your doctor before trying anything you read here.
I have low blood pressure too. My doctor suggested that I eat more salt and drink more water. I do like light diet as aging. I'm working on it now. Wearing compression stockings is the suggestion from my daughter. I think it works. Recently, I check my blood pressure and talk with my doctor regularly. It do increase a little. I hope my answer would help you.
Many natural ways can help you raise your blood pressure:

Moderately increase your salt intake

Drink more water

Eat small meals more frequently

Avoid alcoholic beverages

These methods are simple but effective. You can have a try and see whether they raise your blood pressure. If they don't work, you can consult your doctor for advice.
In order to increase blood pressure, you can:

drink plenty of water (and your bp will increase within 45 minutes after drinking a cup of black tea)
avoid alcoholic
eat salty food (remember to check with your healthcare provider)
take medications
cross legs while sitting

If you want to raise low blood pressure, you can eat:

  • foods high in vitamin B12, including: eggs, fortified cereals, and beef
  • foods high in folate, including: asparagus, garbanzo beans, and liver.
  • salty foods, including canned soup, smoked fish, cottage cheese, and olives

How old are you? Is your blood pressure lower than normal? Are there any other symptoms? Generally you can eat more salt, drink more water, and move your body in a slow way.

I'm 56 I been feeling dizzy
You should measure your blood pressure. If it's low, go to the cardiology department. If not, it may be a head problem. I think you should check the head CT.
My feet have been hurting extremely bad and sweeling a little...
Which part of your feet specifically? Did the pain start acutely? Do you have gout before?  Go to see your PCP,it might be gout,arthritis etc. Take pain killers such as ibuprofen first if you have.

First aid for low blood pressure: 

Make the causality to drink salted water. 

Give him diet consisting of protein like fish, chicken etc. 

Avoid any kind of beverages containing alcohol. 

Start CPR if breathing rate is non-satisfactory. 

Call for emergency help if the person looses consciousness.