Hurts right between my breasts and around left side under my arm into my back

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It's consistent or paroxysmal? is it related to physical exercise? will deep breath worsen it? how old are you ? have you ever been diagnosed with digestive ulcer?

A few life-threatening chest pain: ischemic heart disease, pulmonary embolism, pneumothorax,aortic dissection. other disease: pneumonia, Ribitis, shingles, Intercostal neuritis,pleurisy(TB ,maybe no fever)Esophagitis, hiatal hernia, esophageal cancer, lung cancer.

You should  go to hospital to find out.

Is there any rash, shingles?
This place, sounds so much like where a heart attack pain is.
I dont have an answer im asking the exact same question my symptoms are exactly like yours did you ever find out whats going on or did it go away oh and also does your pain get sharp when you take in a breath to add i also have had an aortic valve replacement a year ago but now im thinking the pain could be coming from blockage? Please add my question
I reread the first question and my pain is under left breast sharp and in my front left shoulder and sometimes down to my fingers and around to my back my arm pain started about a week ago and i do realize if it dosnt go away or gets worse i will go to the hospital