Does itchy skin have anything to do with kidney disease?

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Skin itching is one major symptom and discomfort among kidney failure patients especially those that are on dialysis. According to the the reports of American Academy, there are nearly half patients with end stage renal failure have itching skin
Yes, if you have chronic kidney failure, Toxins cannot be excreted from the body,then you would get itchy skin. It shows at the end stage of kidney failure. Other disease show itchy skin,such as lung cancer, Lymphoma....
Many people with kidney failure have diabetes, diabetes causes itchy skin too. Is your blood sugar normal?
Yes I have diabetes and itching like crazy
Watch out, if the blood sugar isn't managed within the target, you'll gradually have ulcers on the itching skin.
May I ask where are you itching? I am a diabetic also and i am itching
Hands and feet.
My scalp has been itching for 4years could this because of neuropathy or kidney dy
I do not think so. It is probably more related to the dandruff, I guess.
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