I have a baker's cyst. It hurts and swells. What can I do?

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Icing, a compression wrap and crutches could help reduce the pain and swelling.

If it's serious, you need to see your doctor and probably your doctor will inject corticosteroid medications and/or drain the fluid.
Baker's cysts usually require no treatment unless they are symptomatic. It is very rare that the symptoms are actually coming from the cyst. In most cases, there is another disorder in the knee (arthritis, cartilage tear, etc.) that is causing the problem. Initial treatment should be directed at correcting the source of the increased fluid production. Often rest and leg elevation are all that is needed. If necessary, the cyst can be aspirated to reduce its size, then injected with a corticosteroid to reduce inflammation. Surgical excision is reserved for cysts that cause a great amount of discomfort to the patient. A ruptured cyst is treated with rest, leg elevation, and injection of a corticosteroid into the knee. See a bone doctor to help you with a detailed treatment plan.
1. A compression wrap might help to ease the swelling.

2. For pain (and to reduce inflammation), take an over-the-counter medication, like ibuprofen.

3. Rest your leg. Keep it raised above heart level when possible. This will keep down swelling. Use a cane or crutch when you walk to keep pressure off your leg.