Pinching pain under left breast.

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It's consistent or paroxysmal? Is it related to physical exercise? Will deep breath worsen it? How old are you? Have you ever been diagnosed with digestive ulcer? A few life-threatening chest pains: ischemic heart disease, pulmonary embolism, pneumothorax, aortic dissection. Other possible diseases: pneumonia, shingles, intercostal neuritis, pleurisy, esophagitis, hiatal hernia, esophageal cancer, lung cancer.. Is there any rash? Maybe it's shingles? You should go to the hospital to find out.

Yes.pain worsens with deep sent me for chest xray,it was normal.also had stress tests.ultra sounds.they found gallstones which gastroenterologist said I've probably had for years and if I'm not having pain,no reason to operate.they also found i have fatty liver disease.I am 53 years
Have you been affected by any other signs such as fever? It might be caused by pericarditis, which is one of the more common cardiovascular causes of chest pain when breathing in deeply or coughing. Most other cardiovascular causes are not significantly altered by deep breathing.
pain does not worsen with deep breaths... Is worse when I put any type of bra on... do have slight hiatal Hern ia and refills but was endoscopes 6 months ago and nothing. Also had xrahys and ultra sound and showed nothing.
pain does not worsen with deep breaths... Is worse when I put any type of bra on... do Had X-rays and ultra sound on who area and showed nothing ..I am 72 years old, female...not consistent pain... intermittent and sometimes pinches a little lower also
Someone suggested adenosis of breast. It's benign. You'd better relax.
Look at Chostochondritis or Steno Chostochondritis
It may be adenosis of breast. It is caused by endocrine disorder and psychological stress. You’d better keep enough sleep, good emotion, avoid estrogen and progesterone intake. All above will relieve your symptoms.