What's the chiropractic treatment for vertigo?

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It depends on the cause and type of the vertigo. If it's BPPV due to head and neck trauma, positioning manoeuvres such as Brandt-Daroff exercises could help. It has the patient sitting on the edge of the bed and moving from one side, to upright, to the other side over one minute intervals. Tai chi may also be a beneficial form of exercises as it can help with balance.
You should see a doctor and find out what is the cause for vertigo. Chiropratic treatment ,also Cervical massage, is a treatment method that can prevent cervical spondylosis or promote the rehabilitation of cervical vertebrae by using appropriate massage techniques to stimulate specific parts of the body to clear the meridians and run the blood. Cervical massage is a very important treatment in the conservative treatment of cervical spondylosis.