Is a cyst on the kidney a major concern?

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It's common in general population. A few samll cyst is no harm to you. Too many big cyst will compress your normal kidney tissue and impair your kidney function.
What does a solid mass in A kidney mean?
A solid mass in which test? It may indicate kidney cancer or hemangiomas. Hemangiomas are benign lesions that do not require treatment.See a Urological surgeon to find out.
Solid tumor on kidney
i have no idea
May I ask the size and number of the cysts? And is the cyst increasing in size or not?

If it is just a cyst without enlargement, then it is not a concern and can be managed conservatively.

If it is a large cyst or multiple cysts, particularly with increasing size, then it would probably be managed by laporascopic deroofing.
3.4 cm now
2.8 6 yrs. ago
A 6 mm size increase in 6 years is by no means a concern. You can just leave it alone and regularly check the size.
Recently found two cysts on my right kidney one's a little larger than the other but they're going to check it in 6 months I was told if it's cancerous they just cut it off and there's no

way it spreads is this true
Yes, for the majority of cases. But you know, shit happens.
Additionally, if they are just cysts, then it is very rarefor them to be cancerous. The doctors told you so just to reassure you.
I have a 5.7 cm simple cyst on my left kidney and a 1.7 cm hemorrhagic cyst on my right kidney. I have had pain and horrible bloating and gas with nausea. The lesion measures 48 Hounsfield units on the non contrast image
This was a question
Hounsfield units of 48 suggest a blood clot or soft tissue. Your cyst is not small, and you have symptoms, so you may need to talk to a surgeon and discuss the possibility of removing the cyst with laparoscopy, which is a minimally invasive procedure.