How can you heal a nodule?

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Treatment for a lung nodule depends on whether it seems cancerous.

For a noncancerous nodule

If the nodule is due to an active infection, treatment depends on the infection. For instance, if it's due to tuberculosis, treatment will involve medications like isoniazid.

If the nodule has features that suggest a low chance of cancer, doctors often recommend a wait-and-see approach. You need monitor the nodule with repeated CT scans or other follow-up checks over time.

For a cancerous nodule

If the nodule has high chance of cancer, doctors will do a biopsy. If the biopsy suggests it's cancerous, treatment involves surgery. Surgical techniques that take out the nodule include thoracotomy and video-assisted thoracoscopy. However, if the patient is not fit or there appears to be spread of the cancer, the outcome of the surgery may not be good.