Did you go through with the spinal, I am supposed to have the trial stimulated done June 24. And I also worried.

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Did you go through with the spinal stimulator? I'm supposed to have the trial stimulation in Jun, I'm worried.
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I've heard people had extreme pain after the stimulator, you really should look into previous cases. A trial stimulator, if there's no successful case, it's kind of risky, isn't it?
I did not go through with the spinal. But, don't worry, trust your doctor, he will give you the best treatment.
i just finished my trial. first 3 days were horrible and tech called to see how i was. i am crying from more back pain plus the site of the implant. i was doing it wrong. after 4 days the tech came to my house and did some adjustment, but i only  got relief from a high dose of electricity running thru my body. i did this for and hour each morning, afternoon, and evening. that cant be good for my body. my office visit post stimulator,  i felt pressured to say it worked. i said its at a high dose to work for me.  i worry about long term use effects on my body. i was walking over a mile aday before this implant. i could hardly go around the block. made me weak, worried about the wires breaking in my back. i wont say yes to the stimulator. it did not work for me, does not mean it will not work for you. lots of positive reviews out there.
Please research some other options. I have suffered with chronic regional Pain syndrome/ RSD type 2 for many years. I was desperate for relief and did the SCS. The doctor told me he’d be removing a small bone in my neck, but All I had heard was possible relief.
The “small bone” happened to be a very important part of my cervical spine and I now have multiple degenerative problems and have a difficult time holding my head up.
If I had given my body more time, the pain might have improved.
Now I’m going through a removal surgery or “Explantation”. Please ask questions regarding exactly what the doctor will be doing. Ask for visual aids or videos. Make absolutely sure before allowing this foreign object to be placed inside your spine!!!!!
What you said is obviously worth reading, and thanks a lot for that. And, sorry to remind you that Barbara was supposed to have it done on June 24, while it's July now...